Bad Lightning, New Items, Upcoming Events

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Well, the 54th and Monon Art Fair didn’t work out as planned. The day marked some of the worst rain (and flooding in some areas) throughout the state. My mother-in-law was so kind to stay overnight in preparation for the big day and was positive throughout. We even held out hope in the morning despite the nonstop rain, thunder and lightning. In the end, I couldn’t risk having my items exposed to the, um, “damp” conditions. Nor could I risk exposing ourselves to the lightning while under a metal canopy! I admit, I’m slightly paranoid when it comes to lightning. I WILL be there next year. If they’ll have me, that is.

brownshirt.jpgI have since been busy with life, work, and trying some other creative ideas.  In the meantime, check out my shop. Sometimes a shirt or mug says it all. Or, go for the tote bag to get the message across while being a green citizen.

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